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>…Oh yea.  Big fan of the glitter bomb stuff he does!!!


>…Not aware of the Indian roach stuff, I need to check that out…





Regarding Indian roach stuff: somehow Rober figured out the location of a phone-scam sweatshop in India.  He got an Indian guy in cahoots, who managed to get hired there to scam Yanks out of their money.  He did the kind of stuff I would do if I had Mark’s brains: he left behind a bottle of Viagra in the restroom with the big boss’ name on it, brought in a time bomb which would open at a certain time and release hundreds of cockroaches, hacked the phone system and video system to watch and listen, figured out the identities of several of the phone grunts, etc.  The Indian authorities managed to shut the place down, but of course most of the participants got away and are likely scamming Yanks again now.


I think Rober lives around here somewhere.  He planted his glitter bombs in San Francisco.


I would offer to take him to lunch or dinner at the establishment of his choice if he would go.  He has inspired a generation of engineers and (I hope) alerted a generation to phone scams.


















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