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>...I’ve never held much faith in democracy or majority consensus. The majority can be wrong and often is. I agree that ultimately the best way to ensure personal autonomy may be to simply move to a territory that better aligns with one’s interests. I hope the variability of laws and governments remains to permit this option. I dread a future in which centralization has the whole of humanity trapped within a singular regime. I am not sure how AI will change the competitive landscape. Some even trust that a centralized super intelligence will ensure humanity’s wellbeing. Heaven or hell, I don't think there is much potential for middle ground in the future...  Gadersd

Thanks for that Gadersd.  You think like the founding non-birthing parents of the USA.  That's what they had in mind when the created a republic consisting of mostly-autonomous democracies, under a framework of rights which apply to all USA citizens, united in a common cause with a common defense system.


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