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>>... Thanks for that Gadersd.  You think like the founding non-birthing 
> parents of the USA.  That's what they had in mind when the created a 
> republic consisting of mostly-autonomous democracies, under a 
> framework of rights which apply to all USA citizens, united in a 
> common cause with a common defense system.

>...What do you think could have been done, in retrospect, to further
enhance the protection of the constitution?

The constitution was specifically written to protect itself.  It works.  If
politicians get outside of their constitutional authority, they no longer
have any legal authority.

>...It seems like it worked well in the beginning, but today, with all

There aren't many amendments and there haven't been any in recent years.
The last amendment (27th) to be ratified was proposed in 1789 and was
ratified in 1992.  The one before that was ratified in 1971.

>... it does seem like it is not as effective at limiting government any

Best regards,

Eh, keep watching Daniel.  The USA will soon transition from modern monetary
theory (MMT) to post modern monetary theory (PMMT.)  This will happen not
because we want to but because it will be forced on the USA.  MMT holds that
government debt does not matter.  PMMT is similar to pre-MMT in that it
holds that government debt does matter.

When it finally sinks in to the voters that we must pay for all this,
everything changes.

I expect changes in the immediately foreseeable, as the two major parties in
the USA are pushing forward POTUS candidates who are well-known and both
wildly unpopular.


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