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Fri Oct 6 19:39:43 UTC 2023

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Subject: Re: [ExI] quote of the day

>>... I believe you are correct about his point of view: to Spike, 
> presumably Spike is indeed more important than money. ;)

>...All the money in the world couldn't get you another Spike ;)


John, you are too kind sir, however you still didn't specify whose money.

My money is obviously a miniscule epsilon-scale fraction of all the money in
the world, yet I often buy myself.

Regarding the rest of the money, I don't own that, so the question itself is

We aughta try it however: given all the money in the world I bet we could
clone me and given a few months, teach me all the stuff I knew.

Biology hipsters, where are we these days in cloning technology?  I lost
track after Dolly the sheep.


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