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Fri Oct 6 20:35:06 UTC 2023

The bad news is that it is beyond the capabilities of existing tech.

At present, you can produce imitations with varying levels of success.
Think 'Replica' where dead people are reconstructed from their chats,
Facebook, emails, etc. These are like a customised version of ChatGPT and
can even be made to talk with the voice of the original person.  But they
seem to lose their appeal after a while.

AI comments:

Creating an AI copy of oneself, often referred to as an AI avatar, involves
several steps and requires a significant amount of personal data. Here's a
simplified overview of the process:

   1. *Data Collection*: The first step is to collect data about you. This
   typically involves filming you in a controlled environment where you
   perform in front of a green screen. The filming session might include you
   performing various actions and speaking different lines, which are recorded
   and used to train the AI.

   1. *Voice Cloning*: Your voice is also recorded and used to create a
   digital copy of it. This might involve you speaking certain phrases or
   sentences that the AI uses to learn your voice patterns.

   1. *AI Training*: The collected data, including your voice and body
   movements, is then used to train an AI model. This involves using machine
   learning algorithms to analyze the data and learn how to replicate your
   facial expressions, body movements, and speech patterns.

   1. *Avatar Creation*: Once the AI model has been trained, it can be used
   to generate an AI avatar that looks and sounds like you. The avatar can be
   controlled to perform various actions and speak different lines, creating a
   realistic digital copy of you.

But there are risks involved.  The software involved may be sending all the
data to Google or MS, or three letter agencies.
If someone obtains a copy, your image could be made to say anything.

It is really at the experimental stage at present.
I think we have to wait a year or two...........

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