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>...My brother did this in Montreal.  His job transferred him up there
during the miniskirt era.  He said all those pretty little French girls in
their miniskirts, thigh-high boots, and fur coats were Too Much, and one day
he walked into a lamp post.  His wife about choked laughing and told
everyone about it. :D



MB in the 1960s, my bride's father was given one of those nifty hand held
video cameras with the reel to reel film.  My bride was age 5 at the time,
her brothers age 4 and 2.  He made movies of his young family.  They were
from Idaho, so he had not even seen the ocean until he was in his 20s.  

We found a bunch of the video reels a few years ago and discovered that they
were in pretty good shape but the projector was not.  There were few if any
parts available, so we went with a professional service which would put the
reels on DVD for 88 bucks each.  OK cool.

The family went on a vacation to the sea in southern California.  My FIL had
never seen a bikini, for that kind of pretend-attire was not accepted in
Idaho in those days, where plenty of the women still wore skirts 6 inches
below the knee.  Picture a Los Angeles beach in the late 60s.

One of those reels was filled mostly with young women strutting their stuff
in bikinis.  Oh I was pissed off about paying 88 bucks for what would have
been considered soft-core porn in those benighted times.

Then it occurred to me: if I could somehow find some of those women, I could
offer to sell them a DVD of themselves in a bikini from 55 years ago.  MB,
ask your mother and her friends, would she like to see her teenage self
rocking a hot bikini on the beach in California in the 1960s?  If I could
somehow figure out who those teenage girls are, I could make a buttload of


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