[ExI] The rise of the Godbots

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Interesting. I'd like to get an "In God we Trust" sticker that includes
(God = AI).
It's the still primitive and mistaken humans that I fear.

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> Divine AI: The All-Knowing Godbots
> October 5, 2023
> <https://aiwarriors.net/divine-ai-the-all-knowing-godbots/>
> Quote:
> Brace yourself, for the rise of godbots is upon us. These all-knowing
> chatbots have captivated individuals from all walks of life, offering
> moral and ethical guidance in our complex modern era.
> Key Takeaways
> Godbots are chatbots that provide advice on moral and ethical
> questions, based on religious texts or crowd-sourced data.
> Chatbots, such as godbots, are designed to provide authoritative and
> certain responses, appealing to individuals seeking concrete answers.
> The design of chatbots, with their opacity and authority, makes them
> more dangerous and appealing than search engines.
> The reliance on godbots and chatbots for moral and ethical guidance
> raises concerns about the abdication of personal responsibility and
> critical thinking.
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> It's all fun and games until they start saying "Kill the infidels!".
> BillK
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