[ExI] Looking for a science fiction author.

efc at swisscows.email efc at swisscows.email
Wed Oct 11 11:43:59 UTC 2023

Hello dear list members,

As some of you might have noticed (the ones who managed to get through the 
massive multiple worlds thread) I referenced a favourite
swedish science fiction book of mine that never was published in english.

To my great delight, I now managed to initiate a dialogue with the rights 
holder of this book (relative of the original author who
sadly is no longer with us) about translating it into english.

I have a vague memory that one (or more) regular readers (and writers) on 
this list are science fiction authors.

If so, I wonder if it would be possible to write you an email in private 
with some questions and for some advice when it comes to the
project of getting this book published in english?

Best regards,

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