[ExI] highly abridged version of dickens carol

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Mon Oct 16 15:41:12 UTC 2023



My apologies, but this cartoon made me laugh out loud and wet my diapers:





We know of Readers Digest abridged versions of books, and movies are always
abridged versions of the books from which they are derived.  So now, if we
have AI to assist in the effort, how much can a story be abridged and still
be recognizable?  If we allow illustrations as above, can we reduce a novel
to six words?  Can we imagine a contest, a literature version of Name That
Tune, where we try to describe a classic literature title in as few words as
possible to see if our teammates can guess the story.


For instance: Bad guy escapes, turns good, Les Constables spends years
tracking bad guy, eventually catches Les Ass but lets him go.  Ends well.


Answer: Les Miserables



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