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Sun Oct 22 21:33:50 UTC 2023


A few months ago, I posted some wishful thinking on charging a Tesla on the
fly with a towed battery.  The Tesla hipsters convinced me that Elon
intentionally defeated such an absurd notion, disallowing any charging in
flight, damn.


Seeing a Tesla towing a boat on a road trip recently caused me to revisit
the idea with a fun twist.  What if. we rigged up a trailer with its own
battery or even a big Diesel generator with its own motors on its axles?
Then a prole hitches up her Tesla, gets it out on the freeway, fires up the
Diesel which drives the trailer wheels aaaannnndd. gently pushes the
Muskmobile along the freeway, extending battery life?


Wait, before you point out to me what I already know. that such a goofy
notion would result in oscillating instability, because it would become the
equivalent of a negative tongue weight on the hitch. ja, I realize that.
But, we are not busted, necessarily, not yet.  If we were to get tricky with
sensors on our hitch, and we had plenty of power on the trailer axles, and
we dial in plenty of moment of inertia in the trailer about the vertical
axis, and we are hot with our digital controls. if all that, I bet we could
make an active control system that would keep that coupled pair going
headlight-end first down the freeway, and could even maybe go a longer
distance than an uncoupled Muskmobile.


Anyone here think that might work?  Adrian?  Stuart?  Keith?  Other
tech-hipsters among us?



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