[ExI] Post-AGI Economics

Gadersd gadersd at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 13:16:49 UTC 2023

As most of your are aware, our economic systems will likely soon find themselves a bit stressed and strained due to the impact of AGI. I have heard a few suggestions as to what will follow. 

One idea is that most of the world’s equity will be distributed to verified humans and with sound long term investment humanity may maintain capitalistic hegemony over the machines who will start at the bottom of the socioeconomic hierarchy. As long as the cost of revolution outweighs the benefits of working for the rich, humans may retain control, similar to today’s capitalistic system. One aspect of this system that I like is that it is decentralized and self-stabilizing as long as balance can be maintained.

Another idea is that a powerful AGI will be the centralized governing body for humanity and distribute resources to those who need them. I am not fond of centralized systems as they are prone to corruption. What if the AGI is not as benevolent as we thought and now it’s too late for it to give up control?

Any ideas?

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