[ExI] Survival of the nicest: have we got evolution the wrong way round?

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> Cooperation happens because mutual benefits are better, biologically
> speaking, than working alone, as the case of lichens effectively
> demonstrates.

One of the more amusing cross-species examples of cooperation is
badgers and coyotes.

With humans, raising children is a minimal cooperation of two people
and usually more.

> Does this research indicate that even hard-core libertarians would be
> better off co-operating with others?

Of course, but an awful lot of the ones who identify as libertarians
especially those who identify as Libertarians are hard to cooperate

There was nothing intentional to cause it, but most (75% IIRC) of the
L5 Society members identified as libertarian.  Heinlein influence
perhaps or maybe space colonies just appealed to people with a
libertarian bent.

Why Extropians turned out to be mostly libertarians is another
mystery.  The Extropians Wikipedia page does not mention libertarians
except in the infobox.


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