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Why you’ll soon have a digital clone of your own
by Mike Elgan     02 May 2024

AI isn’t going to replace you at work. You will.
Some of the most influential influencers on social media sites aren’t people, but computer-generated digital creations. And soon digital “people” will be commonplace in business....
This is a clue to the future: A huge chunk of the public appears to be indifferent to whether the person who is “influencing” them is real or fake.

>..."Reality" becomes stranger and stranger..........



BillK, see Simpsons, season 7, episode 7, where Homer is a safety inspector at the nuclear plant.  All he does all day is hit Y for yes, on his keyboard in response to any safety question.  He replaces himself with a drinking bird set to keep hitting Y, freeing him to cut out for the day while getting paid.  

That episode was referred to often at the office, where we liked to think of ways to automate our more routine tasks.  Never tried to replace a safety inspector, but plenty of the stuff we did was being replaced in those days by dataloggers made from the suddenly obsolete i486 desktop computers.  I wrote plenty of software for those things.  Simpsons 7.7 was a hilarious episode from nearly 30 years ago describing mechanization of our work tasks.  Here's the longer description from Wiki of the brilliant chaotic plots written in those days:

King Size Homer

Mr. Burns organizes a compulsory morning calisthenics program at the nuclear power plant, to Homer's dismay. After learning that an employee who is disabled can work from home through worker's compensation, Homer unsuccessfully tries to injure himself. Upon learning that employees who weigh 300 pounds (140 kg) or more qualify as disabled, he begins eating excessively, despite Marge and Lisa's repeated warnings that he is endangering his health. With Bart and Dr Nick's help, Homer eventually increases his weight to 315 pounds (143 kg) and Mr. Burns installs a stay-at-home work terminal in the Simpson house. Marge admits that she finds herself less attracted to Homer because of his weight gain, but he vows to prove he can be a better worker because of it.

Homer soon tires of his monotonous responsibilities as a safety inspector and resorts to simply typing "yes" every time the system prompts him. Looking for shortcuts, he leaves his terminal with a drinking bird to press the Y key to indicate "yes" on the keyboard and goes to the cinema. After being denied admission due to his weight and getting teased by people outside the theater, Homer returns to his station to find that his bird has fallen over and a nuclear meltdown is imminent unless the system is manually shut down.

Unable to call the plant because his fingers are too fat to dial a telephone keypad, and too heavy to drive or skateboard, Homer resorts to hitchhiking. Drivers refuse to pick him up because his bright muumuu and frantic jabbering make him seem like a lunatic. After hijacking an ice cream truck, Homer arrives at the power plant during a workout program and reaches the shutdown switch, which is situated over a tank of radioactive gas that is about to explode. He falls onto the hatch just as it bursts open and becomes stuck in it from the waist down, blocking the gas from escaping. In recognition of Homer's bravery and action to minimize the environmental damage caused by the gas release, Burns gives him a medal and offers him any reward he chooses. Homer asks Burns to help him lose weight, having seen the effect his obesity has had on his family. After Homer demonstrates his inability to do any exercise, Burns gives up and decides to simply pay for him to get liposuction, much to Homer's delight.

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