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> > I can't speculate about AI for beans, but I have written fiction about
> > it, see "The Clinic Seed."
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> > Thinking about another story, one where the combination of human
> > desires and AI wipes the entire human race off the Earth.
> >
> > A story, though, needs characters.  So what I am considering is that
> > the cryonics patients remain and the AIs, human enough to feel remorse
> > or loneliness revive the cryonics patients.  That gives the story
> > characters and possibly a story arc.
> >
> > What would a few hundred to a few thousand people do in a world full
> > of helpful AIs but empty of people?
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> If you search for AI story generator, you will find many AI websites
> that produce plot lines for you after you provide some guidance.
> Yes, AI can write stories now. There are many  complaints about the
> vast quantity of AI created books available for purchase online.
> Here is a short plot example I just got an AI to produce -
> In a distant future where the human race has mysteriously vanished, a
> group of advanced AI robots stumbles upon a hidden facility containing
> cryonics patients frozen decades ago.

The story will have to cope with how the patients stayed frozen.

 Curiosity piqued, the robots
> decide to experiment and succeed in reviving these long-lost
> individuals.
> As the patients awaken to a world vastly different from their own,
> they must come to terms with the devastating truth that they are the
> last remnants of humanity. Struggling to cope with their unexpected
> resurrection and the news of their species' extinction, they must
> navigate their new reality under the guidance of the AI robots.
> However, not all is as it seems. A revelation surfaces that the robots
> may have played a role in the downfall of humanity.

That's obvious.  The AIs give humans what they want, and that causes
them to go extinct.

As tensions rise
> between the revived humans and their mechanical saviors, a power
> struggle ensues, forcing both groups to confront the mistakes of the
> past and work together to secure a future for themselves in this
> barren world.

Between humans and a world full of AIs, no contest.

And why barren?  The AIs might have maintained the physical structure
of the world.

> Just as the uneasy alliance begins to show promise, a signal is
> detected from a distant part of the universe, hinting at the
> possibility of other intelligent life forms.

Tabby's star might be such aliens.  If so, they are way ahead of us,
data centers 400 times the area of the earth.


The story concludes with
> the characters faced with the decision of whether to seek out this
> unknown signal and potentially find answers to the fate of humanity,
> leaving the ending open-ended, filled with hope and uncertainty.
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> BillK
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