[ExI] Reverse Flynn Effect - Blame Smartphones!

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This describes a brain drain.  People of good educational background are
better off money-wise and can afford to change countries.  No way for peons
to get here, except for the ones from Central and South America.

Aside from those, we should welcome immigrants, such as from India and the
Far East - doctors, Ph.d.s and so on.  Well above the average American.

bill w

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>> Have they controlled for immigration from countries with different
>> education systems? If someone has spent their elementary years in one
>> nation and then takes a test in another nation a year later, it may cause
>> some confusion. It might either mask the reverse Flynn effect (maybe our
>> schools are worse, but immigrants from countries with good schools hides
>> it) or it may exacerbate the effect.
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> Hi Tara
> They have considered the impact of immigrant children.
> BillK
> <
> https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/sites/129b79ed-en/index.html?itemId=/content/component/129b79ed-en
> >
> Quote:
> The share of immigrant students has remained predominantly stable in most
> PISA-participating countries since 2012
> Once socio-economic status and language spoken at home are taken into
> account in the analysis, it turns out that immigrant students outperform
> non-immigrant students in more countries/economies than where the opposite
> is true.
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