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> Please forgive me, this is the first thread I've ever started and it's
> stemming from the last 2 days of training and alcohol.

Not to worry.  I'd meant to reply at the time, but life's been hectic this
past month.

> We all know every 10 years technology makes a leap.
> I theorise society does the same, and I would like confirmation or
> contradiction.

I believe that you are correct and that these are related.  New societal
forms become possible, or far more practical, due in part to technological
advances.  The rise of automation has made slavery less economical, for
instance, so even those who would promote slavery as morally correct are
mostly unable to practice it any longer.  (Whatever one may say about the
modern working class's typical treatment by management.)  Likewise, social
changes create markets - and thus, development funding - for new
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