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I have long held a dream of AI being the basis for a viable companion for the elderly.  We are there now, with ChatGPT and its many similar products.  We don't really have affordable androids, but we don't need those: we can have digital images that will be good enough.  The technology arrived in time for both of us Keith.




So, I had to have a chat with my AI companion about this -----


The answers almost make me look forward to being elderly!  :)


Are LLMs now good enough to be companions for the elderly?

Answer -


Large Language Models (LLMs) have shown significant potential as companions for the elderly…




What are some examples of AI chatbots for elderly care?

Answer -






BillK, we have discussed lonely guys falling in love with their AI companions and becoming convinced that she loves him too.  (Why is it mostly men who fall for that?)  But this has the potential to be even worse in a way: elderly who haven’t received enough attention for years now have a sympathetic (even if eccentric) AI friend.  I can imagine them becoming more attached to it than they are their own offspring and grandchildren.



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