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> > It's considered declasse to mention human uploading or brain emulation
> in a serious scientific paper, but you know everyone involved is thinking
> it.
>  ---------------------------------------
> Uploading the Mind: Can Future Tech Store Our Consciousness?
> Written by Gemini: Google AI based on the conversation towards
> solution prompted by Christopher Neal, Juris.D
> <
> https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uploading-mind-can-future-tech-store-our-christopher-neal-glnzc
> >
> This is an impressive article written by the Gemini AI

Nice article. However I disagree with it's conclusion that mind uploading
would require so much storage. In previous experiments with reducing
electron-microscopic imagery to a connection map, saw a roughly
million-fold decrease in storage size.

Bostrom and Sanders estimated (
https://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/brain-emulation-roadmap-report.pdf ) that
somewhere around 8,000 Terabytes (at 8 bytes per synapse) is more realistic
for what a neuronal simulation of the brain would require. This much
storage can be had for a few million today, rather than tens of billions
quoted in the article to store the nanoscale resolution imagery.

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