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> Nice article. However I disagree with it's conclusion that mind uploading would require so much storage. In previous experiments with reducing electron-microscopic imagery to a connection map, saw a roughly million-fold decrease in storage size.
> Bostrom and Sanders estimated ( https://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/brain-emulation-roadmap-report.pdf ) that somewhere around 8,000 Terabytes (at 8 bytes per synapse) is more realistic for what a neuronal simulation of the brain would require. This much storage can be had for a few million today, rather than tens of billions quoted in the article to store the nanoscale resolution imagery.
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Wikipedia has an article on Mind Uploading that references the
Sandberg article.
>From 2008, Anders might think it's time to revisit the problem.

Nobody has done brain emulation yet, and estimates of storage required
vary wildly. It depends on how much detail it is necessary to emulate.
Neurons and synapses, then there is synaptic strength between neurons
and the 3D structure between neurons. Perhaps even all that will not
be enough. Nobody knows at present.
But with AI and nanotech it will be attempted!


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