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Sat Jul 3 18:54:14 UTC 2004

Thought you guys would find this interesting.
got this from here:
Here it is reposted for ease of perusement:
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So, I made another list on a bus. Or, not a list, maybe... more like
an outline. Clearly, I have too much free time.

"The way I think," condensed into easy-to-follow recipe format!

- Question everything.

- The question is more important than the answer. The question is
growth; the answer is entropy.

- Assumptions are never objective-- identify your assumptions &
analyze the resulting reasoning for linear or associative jumps
(though some jumps are, of course, inevitable).

- Assumptions/beliefs which aren't 'refreshed' or challenged will
naturally attract flawed/jumpy reasoning with time, like bread
attracts mold.

- Thus, pure belief/assumption thinking is always wrong-- though
there's no superiority implied by that statement. It's simply the
flip-side of the basic tenet of subjectivism: everyone is right. It
only follows that everyone is also wrong.

- Saying 'everyone is wrong' is as lazy as 'everyone is right', but
it's helpful to realize that principle of uncertainty.

- The key is learning how to think & not accepting even your own
conclusions as more than working theories. This is the difference
between learning and knowing. 'Knowing' is not thinking; it's not a
learning-curved process and is therefore subject to deteriorative

- Most people's errors in judgement happen because they don't know how
to think without becoming complacent.

- The process of sharpening your perception is more useful than any
possible result.

- Love or any other emotion shouldn't become an excuse for operating
in a static mindset.

- Avoid using excuses in general-- they prevent further questioning
and are thus unhelpful.

- Mental stasis based on unquestioned beliefs/assumptions creates
holes in perception and thus one's overall intelligence.

- Therefore an unquestioned, static religious belief is detrimental to
overall mental acuity. On the other hand, a 'humbler', more
philosophical approach to metaphysical subjects isn't intrinsically
'the opiate of the masses', as per Marx.

- No single -fixed- philosophical system can be correct.

- 'Subjectivism' doesn't excuse accepting stasis. True 'progress'
doesn't have an end goal in mind-- the progress is a continuous
process of minute adjustments to and re-evaluations of all mental

- Intelligence is directly proportional to the degree of mental
fluidity coupled with perceptive acuity in motion.

- Motion is life. Stasis is entropy.

- The X-Files had it right: Trust No One's (version of reality--
even-- especially your own). And The Truth Is Out There.

- Finding contradictions means you're on the right track.

- As long as you don't take yourself too seriously, you can imagine,
invent and play in thousands of make-believe worlds made of symbol and
non-linear association. Dreams are doors to your own truths.

- The truth is multifaceted and contradictory, like a crystal with
incomprehensible levels of complexity. But it -is- out there.

- You'll never find it. Keep looking.

{So that was the main parts of interest to the list as far as I could
see.  Hope You found this Interesting too}

Stephen Lee
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