[Paleopsych] Applying John Nash to the conflict with Islamic Jihadists

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 21 05:31:51 UTC 2004

"The concept of a Nash equilibrium n-tuple is perhaps the most important 
idea in noncooperative game theory. ... Whether we are analysing 
candidates' election strategies, the causes of war, agenda manipulation in 
legislatures, or the actions of interest groups, predictions about events 
reduce to a search for and description of equilibria. Put simply, 
equilibrium strategies are the things that we predict about people. "

I can't do this, but it would be interesting to see some
of the math folks in the group look at this and see how
it might apply.  I seem to recall that the basic idea is
the competing groups will contend until each group
thinks they have gotten the best deal they can get
under the circumstances.

Steve Hovland

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