[Paleopsych] Francis Crick: from DNA to consciousness

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Fri Jul 30 15:49:50 UTC 2004

>From Sarah:

Turns out that the late Francis Crick went way beyond DNA, even unto the
"neuronal correlates of consciousness," a phrase that turns up close to
the end of the first linked article; the link to the second article is
embedded in the first and is also the last listed at the end (two below an
actively beating image of Dr. Koch's heart) :



>From the Globe and Mail:


which quotes admiring words from the otherwise notoriously blunt James 
Watson (whom the ever courteous E.O. Wilson described as the rudest man he 
ever met) and also notes that "After the war, Dr. Crick became interested 
in 'the division between the living and the non-living' and decided to 
teach himself biology and chemistry.

In later years, Dr. Crick wrote The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific 
Search for the Soul, which had as its central tenet that everything we 
see, feel, think and experience is controlled by brain chemistry, not some 
inner spirit or will. 'Can you explain why blue looks blue?' Dr. Crick 
asked in the 1994 interview. 'It's no use saying the sky looks blue. That 
doesn't say why it looks blue. Why doesn't it look red? ... That's a very 
difficult question. We are trying to go around that and find out what 
happens in your head when you see blue. Maybe that will give us a clue to 
answer these difficult questions.'"

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