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Welcome to News-Digests.Com

[I take RRND and send articles from it regularly, too regularly, I think, 
since I don't think many of them do much other than to offer redundant 
confirmation of what I believe. Check out the other ones, which cover the 
news from different viewpoints. And send anything to me to circulate to my 
lists. My big problem is that the left does more shouting injustice than 
offering substance. I'm not a twentieth-century egalitarian, so such 
shouts don't interest me. But someone combing through these other digests 
could offer us a service. But no 2nd Amendment stuff. It is basically an 
issue of attitude rather than one of facts: so many thousand extra deaths 
by firearms in this country a year is a small price to pay for the 
right to arm ourselves to the teeth.

[Regards the factual claims: each side has their own experts and each side 
claims the other side only blanks out when confronted with their experts. 
This is so for many other issues of the day, like global warming. It is 
not true for innate racial differences in intelligence. There are no data- 
driven, positive arguments *FOR* racial equality. Carl Degler reported 
finding none in his book _In Search of Human Nature_.

[An old legal adage: when you have the facts, argue the facts. If you 
don't, argue the law. If you don't have the law, pound on the table. My 
working epistemology is that those who don't have the facts and have 
the wherewithal and every incentive to collect them are probably afraid to 
collect them. The evidence may be upsetting.]

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