[Paleopsych] Some Explanation of test and request to not respond to them

Stephen Lee quibbit at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 30 19:53:21 UTC 2004

Just wanted to say I was sorry if anyone was offended byt the few posts I 
just seeing if messages were passing through the list okay.  In the future I
don't need people responding that they saw the test message, I have a couple
different mail accounts subscribed for this purpose.

If you don't seem to be getting your messages through, or something seems
mangled, or you know some other list member is having a problem, for the 
being, just email me directly at this address  (sjlee at howardbloom.net) and 
see what i can do, or ask someone else to if I don't understand what's goign

If I post any personal posts it will probably be from unstasis at gmail.com

But for future reference, if I post somethign that is just something liek 
or something its probably not interesting enough to open.


Stephen Lee

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