[Paleopsych] projecting demons

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 19:25:20 UTC 2004

>>These comments betray a misunderstanding of the 
subjects. Fundamentalists - what ever that means -
appear to be the demonic side of liberals. Onto them -
and onto 'conservatives' - are projected unacceptable
aspects of the self. So liberals accuse conservatives
of all their own sins, and the conservatives become
the scapegoats, onto which the community sins are
placed. (E. g., Kerry, a profligate liar, accuses Bush
of lying.)<<

--You've got it half right. Liberals DO project their
split-off aspects onto conservative. Conservatives
ALSO do it. Whenever two groups accuse each other of
projecting, there's a good chance they're both doing

A "fundamentalist" is generally a religious believer
who wants his moral code to be everyone's moral code.
Fundamentalists have a low tolerance for heresy, and
before your knee jerks, I'll agree with you that
liberals too can react in a "fundamentlist" manner to
differences of opinion. It is a human trait, and it
comes with a desire to inflict shame on others to
avoid feeling it within oneself.


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