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Complex system theory also applies to this.

At present the conformity enforcers are on the
side of war, with diversity generators against it.

If a disaster unfolds, the conformity enforcers will
align against the war, and the diversity generators
will move on to the next big thing, which is likely
to be the Energy Shift.

Steve Hovland

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Alice, Geoffrey Miller's piece is exceptional.

>>More subtley, because mating is a social game in which the attractiveness 
of a behavior depends on how many other people are already producing that 
behavior, political ideology evolves under the unstable dynamics of game 
theory, not as a process of simple optimization given a set of 
self-interests.  This explains why an entire student body at an American 
university can suddenly act as if they care deeply about the political fate 
of a country that they virtually ignored the year before.  The courtship 
arena simply shifted, capriciously, from one political issue to another, 
but once a sufficient number of students decided that attitudes towards 
apartheid were the acid test for whether one's heart was in the right 
place, it became impossible for anyone else to be apathetic about 
apartheid.  This is called frequency-dependent selection in biology, and it 
is a hallmark of sexual selection processes.  >>

I often wonder why an entire student body grabs a social issue that shortly 
before was not considered of interest to others on campus.  With our 
upcoming election the majority of college students are siding with Kerry 
probably because he protested the Viet Nam war after he had won his medals 
including three purple hearts.  It could be "a hallmark of sexual selection 
processes" as Geoffrey Miller suggests or it could be the effects of a 
collective consciousness in action.

Thanks again for "Political Peacocks".


Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar
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  Lynn! Thank you for such kind words re the beginning of my 'Evolutionary 
Mind' piece..."Mouth-watering" makes me want to keep on with it! So 
  All best,

  ps If you've never seen, you may enjoy Geoffrey Miller's "Political 


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    Alice, sounds like you have a fascinating manuscript in the works! What 
you have sent is really mouth-watering.

    Alice may be onto something here. They do see themselves as underdogs. 
This justifies the more radical responses. Of course, since the days of LBJ 
in the Senate (see Master of the Senate by Caro), the Dems have enjoyed a 
majority, basically until mid-Clinton. During the the LBJ presidency and 
the 70s the left was clearly ascendent. Now they seem to be diminishing, 
and demographics seem to portend nothing but trouble for the Left.

    I recall my hippy friends in the late 60s saying 'when the revolution 
comes' and I always wondered why we would revolt, since I thought we had 
the greatest country in the world by far. I thought, "Oh, oh, If the 
revolution comes, I will have to fight my own friends."  Even then there 
was a deep streak of hate and violence. Tom Hayden clearly wanted people to 
die in Chicago in 68. I wonder if it isn't also the notion that 'the system 
is rotten' and therefore one is justified in violence, lies, and any other 
mechanism. My own experience with the Left in the 60s left me wondering 
what they were thinking and why they were so angry. I think it is the 
Marxist underpinnings. Paul Johnson's Intellectuals helped me see the 
personal life of Marx and how it corrupted his political views.

    Thanks for the food for thought!

    Alice Andrews wrote:

      Hi Lynn,

      >What is it about the Left that makes them so hateful?


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