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I don't think they are that strong yet, but I see some
potential fault lines that could change the political
scene in spite of out-moded party designations.

Fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party have
big reasons to be very unhappy, and might easily
make common cause with fiscal conservatives on
the other side of the aisle.

Before the election some pundit was anticipating
warfare within the Republican Party basically on
the issue of religiously-inspired social conservatism
versus the more secular mainstream Republicans.
Kind of like the split between secular and fundamentalist
Moslems.  How appropriate :-)

If the war becomes the disaster I predict then that
will cause problems.

If they institute conscription in order to "try harder"
in Iraq that will radicalize a lot of people.

If they bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran and the
Iranians then attack with their army that will be
a problem.

Security Moms may change their tune with their
pregnant teenage daughters can't get legal abortions.

If they pass the flat tax then the disparity in incomes,
demonstrated by conspicuous consumption, will
exacerbate class tensions.

More "middle class" Americans will be realizing that
they have lower class incomes.

More people will know of someone who has gone
bankrupt because of medical bills.

As more jobs are sent overseas, more people will
become responsive to the notion of economic

It's not over.  It's just starting.

Steve Hovland

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> If it were all up to me, I'd push a states' rights
> agenda, and allow conservative areas to try out their
> ideas and discover why they don't work. Allow liberal
> states to decriminalize gay marriage and marijuana,
> see if the sky falls or not. That would strengthen the
> country against the fragmenting influence of the
> "culture war" and relieve some of the paranoia. If
> that means Alabama banning abortion and women
> streaming out of the South, so be it. Let the men
> fight over the virgins, and let everyone else have the
> freedom to do what they want.

Could be that now is the time for America to decentralize into two or more 
regions and draw the map according to the past electoral vote.  Then both 
regions could try out their agendas such as criminalizing gay marriage, 
marijuana and abortion vs. those taking the reverse positions and see if 
that might work.   The only other solution is that Republicans and Democrats 
learn to respect each others point of view and continue battling one side 
against the other.  A war of words is much saner than one of bullets.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar

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