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Geraldine Reinhardt waluk at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 4 23:06:35 UTC 2004

Re:  Social Darwinism.

The following is a powerful statement:

>> What occurred to him (Darwin) was a simple notion: animals, plants,
insects, fishes, etc., which were obviously related differed slightly and
these differences seemed to be tied in with their ability to survive.
Differences, which he called "adaptations," were often related to
geographical factors. >>

and is one I definitely agree with.  All living things are related with each 
species or sub-species adapting to the environment.   The major social faux 
pas happened when races of man were viewed in the same light....i.e. some 
"groups" of humans were more advanced than others.   This propelled Hitler's 
Nazi movement and led to the persecution of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, etc. 
Eugenics has returned again and in this year of 2004 is plaguing us under 
the aegis of "science".   Stem cell research should aid in eliminating some 
of the more devastating of afflictions and shortly human cloning should 
produce a viable product.

Conflicting social philosophies became apparent on Nov. 2 when America 
re-elected President Bush by 2 percentage points.  With so many social 
variables (religion, abortion, cloning, environmental platforms, poverty, 
etc.) operable today, it's no wonder the rest of the world perceives America 
as being divided.  Many Americans believe it is.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar

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