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Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 6 06:28:54 UTC 2004

The good fundamentalist kids are busy
getting blissed out on Jesus rock and on
not having sex :-)

The guys with too much testoterone
probably join the Marines...

Steve Hovland

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>>Suppose the evangelicals mutate into Brown 
Shirts. Do the sane people just stand back and let
them run amuck?<<

--I do not believe most American Christians would turn
into thugs (not to mention, such talk sounds like
paranoid leftist ranting to conservatives). They're
capable of discriminating against atheists, feminists,
gays and liberals, on a subtle level. They are capable
of maddening pride and many are capable of verbal
bullying. But if some part of the Christian community
descended to the thug level, they would be disowned by
the majority, and it would harm their cause more than
anything their opponents could do.

Of course, if people riot against them, they'll have
every reason to support police crackdowns. You have to
be more Christlike than the Christians, apply Gandhi's
principles of nonviolent social transformation, and
avoid matching anger with anger. There is no way to
defeat the religious right with hate, no way to beat
them back with force. They will defeat themselves, if
atheists, liberals, feminists and gays are more
Christlike than they are. Trust me, when you apply
Christ's teachings with a Christian who fails to
understand brotherly love, it infuriates them and they
cut their own throats. Their own insulting behavior
renders their arguments impotent.

Also helps if you have a Buddhist understanding of
attachment to power and identity. Fundamentalist
Christians and Muslims have a lot of "issues"
revolving around submission vs. control. They are
easily knocked off center by someone who loves them
and hates their sin, so to speak. They tend to become
their opposite, so whatever they hate gives you some
indication of what they resist inwardly. Social
jujitsu is very effective with that kind of person,
and if you can restrain your own anger and find some
part of you that really cares about the "fundie", you
can transform the situation with no physical
confrontation whatsoever.


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