[Paleopsych] Electronic coup d'etat: one way to do it

Werbos, Dr. Paul J. paul.werbos at verizon.net
Sun Nov 7 00:05:33 UTC 2004

At 08:17 PM 11/5/2004 -0800, Steve Hovland wrote:
>Programmers use something called pseudocode to
>describe functions in more or less plain English.
>On the radio I heard some speculation about votes
>being multipled.  Here's the pseudocode:
>If the candidate is Bush, then the value of the vote
>is 1.02.
>If the candidate is Kerry, then the value of the vote
>is 1.

Last I heard from IEEE-USA they were indeed worried about security in 
today's electronic voting

So far as I know, the "Unix-derived" (or really Multics-derived) operating 
system developed by Schell
(described on the web) is the ONLY essentially unbreakable operating system 
out there.
The others seem to be collapsing to some degree under the weight of patches 
trying to hold
up something which does not have the integrity to hold itself up. Only one
government agency uses it, which adds real worry not only re elections but 
any other shared
databases, such as those planned for homeland security.

Who is best equipped to exploit such holes? Some would guess China before 
anyone else.

>Whether this was done might be determined by
>breaking open the black boxes and inspecting the
>data and code.  If it was done on-line then it could
>not be detected unless you get to the "mother"
>Steve Hovland
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