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>From an email conversation with David Smith:

David:  In the realpolitik of academe, at least in the USA, to be associated 
with psychoanalysis in any way is often the kiss of death.  The name 'Freud' 
still has the power to arouse irrational hatered.  
hb: I know and I've shunned Freud and psychoanalysis along with everyone 
else.  But we've hit a turning point.  Several years ago, someone with money set 
up a group that merges psychoanalysis with neurobiology in New York.  He 
managed to lure in two very important figures--Jaak Panksepp and Walter Freeman.  He 
apparently did it by paying their expenses to come to NY for one meeting per 

Four of the group members, Jaak, Walter, Ziad Nahas, a neural-imaging and 
trascranial magnetic stimulation expert, and David Pincus, a psychotherapist with 
the sort of barrier-leaping interest you and I share, took advantage of these 
trips to come out to the Bloom Brownstone one by one and meet with me.

Then, roughly a year ago, The Scientific American gave its blessing to the 
new merger of psychoanalysis and neurobiology by writing a reappraisal of Freud. 
 The reappraisal said that neurobiology has done what Freud wanted to do when 
he still aimed at a career in the neurobiology of his day.  Freud had seen 
things in the mind that neurobiologists were now confirming.

You are much more involved in the academic community than I am.  But, as I 
said before, I think that psychoanalysis is making a comeback.  And so is Siggy 
Freud.  Howard

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