[Paleopsych] entropy, chaos and four impossible things before breakfast

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At 03:17 PM 11/16/2004 -0800, Steve Hovland wrote:
>This sounds like fun:
>"Efforts were made to disprove the possibility of extracting electricity
>from ambient heat, from another perspective -- but these efforts led only
>to a new result on the equivalence of classical and quantum statistics,"
>Could you comment briefly on this in layman's terms?

First, I would urge anyone to be VERY cautious EITHER about believing
this is all for real, OR that it is not for real, at this stage.

A specific design for a new chip to extract electricity from heat
(and thereby cooling things) is discussed in the paper.
I have spoken to a lot of people, and tried to find problems, but
haven't found a problem yet. But Murphy's Law being what it is --
they could show up tomorrow. Alternatively, it could actually work.
And if it works, the implications for technology could be rather interesting.

"Everyone knows" that this impossible "according to the Second Law."
But the best current papers on the Second Law show that there are 
loopholes, and
it looks to me that this new nanochip would fall squarely in the middle of 
those loopholes.
Yet we will see.

As part of trying to prove this couldn't work, I developed some new results on
the statistics of fields (which are far trickier than the classical 
statistics of point particles).
Those were very interesting... supporting some ideas of Einstein that most 
don't take seriously any more. Maybe Einstein was right after all. Einstein 
in the existence of objective reality, like Ayn Rand... but he also 
believed that time
is essentially just another coordinate in the space-time continuum. It is 
more powerful and more
general than the old classical stuff, but it does not rule out electricity 
from heat
in this class of design, so far as I know or so far as anyone else knows 
whom I have
spoken to.



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>Hi, Folks!
>You have occasionally said things about entropy and life and
>chaos and energy. So someone might be amused by all-in-one heresy...
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