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George Lakoff is probably the expert on that,
and I am currently reading "don't think of an

The Republicans are masters of using
rhetorical images to shape public opinion.

For the progressives, here are some possibles:

Tax Justice
The Rape of America
Economic Treason
Bush's War
Leading Us to Disaster
Profiting From War
Paying for Civilization
The Reptilian Agenda
Elite Parties
Social Justice
Health Care for All
Wasting Our Soldiers
Moral Commerce

Steve Hovland

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>>No amount of explanation will ever overwrite that 

--This leads to a good topic: how do you use rhetoric
to override an image, in general? How would you use
facts to override a repetitive, auditory diatribe or
talk radio belief system? Are images or words
incongruent with the other channel ignored or
filtered? When everyone sticks to a propaganda
channel, believing all other channels are poison, do
they tend to pick a channel that is either visual or
auditory, or is it a complex chemistry between images
and words?


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