[Paleopsych] GOP and dems

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 23 18:27:36 UTC 2004

I think the Dems have to reassert certain
positions like social justice, not move to
the right.

The real task is to capture just a few
percent of the swing voters.

Steve Hovland

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>>Insightful analysis, I enjoyed it. Sort of a 
Peter Principle, where we rise until we are
incompetent and then stay there.<<

--Good insight. When Peter's boss likes Peter because
he never questions the system, Peter's incompetence is
even more likely to be accepted and spun as success. 

>>Demos have to get away from the far-left litmus
tests and run another centrist.<<

--I'm not sure how much further to the right the Dems
can get before they become clones of the GOP. They
have backed down on gay marriage and gun control,
squeezed out the anti-war pacifists (Kerry is not
anti-war, he only questioned the BUSH'S war policy)...
What else can they back down on and still have
anything to offer that isn't offered by the GOP?

I think it's pure spin that makes Kerry seem like a
"fringe liberal" (claims that he's the "most liberal"
senator have been debunked). Look at Kucinich, a REAL
liberal, he didn't do well at all. Dean didn't do well
either. Kerry was about as close to the center as
Democrats could get without becoming another
Republican party. 


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