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Geraldine Reinhardt waluk at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 25 01:12:55 UTC 2004

> --But in groups, too much loyalty can lead to
> groupthink.

I actually find nothing wrong with groupthink. 
Actually what happens
in a male/female relationship is that voice and 
position on issues are
determined beforehand.  It then becomes the male's role 
to verbalize
these to the group.  Usually the female is "pudgy" due 
to pregnancy
or running after the kids or even later, menopause and 
does well to
assume the background and allow husband to have the 

Many strong women never fit into the male power 
structure.  They
simply humor the male knowing full well that male 
longevity is much
less than that of a female.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar

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>>>If women weren't loyal to men then I can't imagine
> who they should support.  Loyalty is the only way a
> leader is able to build his alliance so that social
> justice can be pursued.<<
> --But in groups, too much loyalty can lead to
> groupthink. Women need to develop their real voice,
> not cling to men and compromise their intelligence to
> fit into a male power structure. Believe me, as a man
> I know very well how men distort their behavior in
> groups.
> Michael
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