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The current round of personnel adjustments
in the Bush administration is basically filling
the cabinet with yes-men.  It's a formula for

Steve Hovland

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Regarding groupthink: According to Janis is the drawback that the 
group is impervious to new ideas from the outside and insensitive to 
the possibility of incorrect knowledge and (world) views within the 
group. Nixon and Watergate is a good example.

I hope you are aware of how limited to the US your description of 
male/female relationships is. In Sweden particularly your view would 
be attacked from  many sides.  A comparatively large fraction of 
couples living together are not married. Still, there are many cases 
of proficient and successful couples (the internationally most 
well-known is the Curies, but there are also many in Sweden). Here 
you can see quite a few fathers taking a (government paid) leave in 
order to be near their small children wandering around with 
perambulators. However, not as many as certain politicians would like.

>>--But in groups, too much loyalty can lead to
>I actually find nothing wrong with groupthink. Actually what happens
>in a male/female relationship is that voice and position on issues are
>determined beforehand.  It then becomes the male's role to verbalize
>these to the group.  Usually the female is "pudgy" due to pregnancy
>or running after the kids or even later, menopause and does well to
>assume the background and allow husband to have the podium.
>Many strong women never fit into the male power structure.  They
>simply humor the male knowing full well that male longevity is much
>less than that of a female.
>Gerry Reinhart-Waller
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