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This looks like a very useful site.  But there's a conundrum.  The Center For 
Media and Democracy is a special interest group with a prejudged and 
premeditated point of view.  It's also a public relations machine.  A successful one.

I've met with its head.  He does not want to hear what Michael Lockhart 
identified as hypotheses. He was among those who did not want to hear about 
black-on-black genocide in the 1980s, when I tried to get him to focus on it.  That 
genocide escalated in the 1990s.  It was the Hutu-Tutsi conflict.

The Center for Media & Democracy and its allies ruled out any of the coverage 
that could have stopped the Hutu-Tutsi conflict in its early stages and could 
have saved close to a million lives.  The Center has very strong allies in 
the media and those allies also insisted that giving attention to the Hutus and 
Tutsis was politically unacceptable.

The folks at The Center for Media and Democracy want only to hear voices that 
agree with their point of view--the "progressive" point of view, a set of 
social cliches policed by ostracism.

Granted that we all want to hear our point of view or what supports it, once 
we get away from corporations and government agencies--whose media 
manipulations should be made as transparent as possible--shouldn't we also have watchdogs 
watching those who claim to be watchers?  Howard

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