[Paleopsych] Green Democrat Values

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 28 19:38:44 UTC 2004

Humans should not devour the Earth like
a plague of locusts.

Budgets should be balanced by a reasonable
system of taxation.

We should lower the ceiling on wealth if that's
what it takes to provide a decent floor.

War should be the last resort, not the first.

Threats should be anticipated, but cannot be 
used to justify conquering countries that have 
not attacked us.

Wealth should be produced without exploitation
of workers.

Money should not be the only motivation for
high achievement.

Watching TV shows where people commit acts of 
violence is more harmful to children than watching 
TV shows where people have sex.

People who come to America should make an
honest effort to become Americans- learn the
language, become citizens.  

Bilingual education should be abolished because
it discriminates against Asian immigrants who
are not similarly accommodated.

Employers should be punished for hiring illegal
aliens at substandard wages.

Immigration should be halted until everyone
who is here is fully employed.

People should not try to feed their souls with
material goods.

Drug addiction should be seen as a soul problem,
not as a crime.

Human rights should not be trumped by
property rights.

We should embrace ecstatic experience, not
fear it.

We must rapidly adapt to alternative energy to
avoid an econonic catastrophe due to petroleum

Technology should not be toxic to humans.

The existence of industries such as tobacco that 
cause significant health problems should not be

Health care should include care for the soul as 
well as for the body.

Health care should really be health care rather than
disease care.

Health care should be put under the microscope
to find out where all the money is going.

Civil liberties should not be restricted in the interests
of security.  Competent police and intelligence
activities should be sufficient to manage crime and 
other threats.

People should not be subjected to invasive searches
at airports as long as cargo goes uninspected.

Sting operations by all law enforcement agencies
should be abolished.  We should be trying to catch
actual criminals instead of creating them.

The Department of Defense should be required to
account for all of the money that passes through
its hands.

Human values take precedence over financial values.

The Environment is where we live and if we don't
take care of it our children will pay the price.

There is no such thing as a self-made man.  All
wealth arises from the cooperative efforts of many
people, and should be shared accordingly.

If we allow a human to be born, we accept a certain
level of responsibility for the well-being of that person,
just as parents have a responsibility to provide for
their children.

Steve Hovland

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