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Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
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This is a dangerous summary of Republican talking points.

Dangerous to the Republicans.  

As the military says, it is target rich, filled with catch phrases
that can be damaged by being associated with negative
connotations through cleverly constructed propaganda.

I also see it as evidence that they have stopped thinking,
whereas at this point their opposition, which does not
necessarily include old-time Democrats, is highly motivated
to do some deep thinking.

I think one of the most noteworthy things about the recent
campaign was that the Democrats made no apparent effort to
find the pulse of America and speak to it.

I understand that the right owns the reptilian emotion of fear,
but I think the left can take over the emotion of hunger, and
that the actions of the Republicans in the next few years will
make that possible :-)

Steve Hovland

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Statist as opposed to dynamist, in the Virginia Postrel scheme (see her 
book, The Future and Its Enemies).
I said earlier that demographics bode ill for the left wing of the 
Democratic party. Here is a column by a well informed observer, Pete 
DuPont, on that topic.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>Another problem is how do we keep the number of
>potential welfare recipients from increasing?
>I have long thought that if a woman gives birth at
>public expense she should be sterilized after
>Is that a leftist or rightist idea?
>Steve Hovland
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