[Paleopsych] Health care debate

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
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I think this is cant:

"Experts of all ilks agree that one reason health care costs keep rising so 
rapidly is that consumers have gotten into the habit of making decisions 
with no regard at all for cost."
The average consumer is a passive participant in the health care process.
The costs are largely determined by the oligarchical power of the HMO's,
insurance companies, and drug companies.  This should be placed under
the microscope, but they have bribed the Executive and Legislative branches 
into looking the other way.

This is too:
"Starting in the New Deal era and in World War II, government provided and 
encouraged employers to provide social insurance and health insurance that 
would guarantee benefits and buffer individuals against the workings of the 
I would bet that you could go through all of the enabling legislation and 
find any reference to "the workings of the market."  The HMO's, insurance
companies, and drug companies are the ones who are being buffered against
the workings of the market.

This formulation also conveniently forgets the basic function of insurance:
the pooling of risk.  I have seen hospitals gobble up $20,000 in a single 
so the HSA approach is somewhat unrealistic based on our current 
of personal income.

That said, I have heard that the British health care system does not 
heart bypass surgery, and that is a good thing.  The scientific evidence is
that the benefits of this expensive procedure are temporary.  On the other
hand, Dean Ornish MD can produce PET-scan evidence that his no-fat 
diet can permanently reverse coronary artery diseae.  So this is a way to a 
future: the elimination of costly but ineffective treatments, shifting 
toward an
outcome-based approach.

Steve Hovland

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An interesting new idea about health care:


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