[Paleopsych] job security and freedom

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 18:08:07 UTC 2004

>>Being forced to work most of the day for someone who
doesn't treat you well is not freedom.<<

But you are free to leave any moment, and many 

--How free are most people to leave their job at any
moment? That seems unrealistic. I've known a lot of
people who had to hang on to jobs they hated, jobs
which crushed them spiritually, because it was the
only job security they had. Obviously if you make a
reasonable amount of money, you can afford to quit a
job and work on getting another one while you live on
savings. But not everyone has that option. 

Capitalism is a fun game, and one I enjoy (it hasn't
profited me a whole lot, but I'm an optimistic type),
but I'm wary of forcing people to play my games. I
believe there should be some basic safety net, a
secure living space and food, for those who for
whatever reasons cannot or will not play the game we
all believe they _should_ be playing. I know that
offends some people's sensibilities, but it may be a
lot healthier than some of the alternatives being
proposed. It's one thing to think in terms of abstract
systems... on a theoretical level I can easily see why
decentralized, unregulated capitalism appeals
intellectually. But on a real life level, I wonder
about the transition, and the effect of forcing people
to drastically change their lives and play games they
didn't choose. As I said, it's all an experiment, and
it is as much social engineering to end welfare as it
was to start it.


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