[Paleopsych] gay marriage

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 19:17:40 UTC 2004

>>If they are good enough for God then they should 
be good enough for us, and they should be welcome 
to enter into the sanctity of marriage.<<

--Canada is legalizing gay marriage, and Massachusetts
will have it legal for at least another two years.
When people see the sky does not fall because of gay
marriage, they will re-evaluate the popular argument
that it would unravel civilization (the same people
making that argument reject arguments about global
warming as "lacking evidence"). And in states where
gay marriage is banned, civil unions may be an option,
which will eventually segue into legalization of
marriage. Either way, the evangelical argument will
look pretty silly, decades down the road. 

Often, purity crusades become popular at times of
fear, when fear cannot be faced with concrete action.
Since people are not being asked to sacrifice anything
in particular for the war on terror, and because the
threat is so vague and diffuse, they must channel
their fear in other ways, by attacking "obscenity" on
TV, covering breasts on statues, and banning gay
marriage. Among the faithful, there is the belief that
God will abandon America to its enemies as it
abandoned Israel in the Old Testament, if Americans
don't grovel and smash secular idols. Not an
enlightened belief, but an astonishingly common one in
many parts of the US. It also smacks of "do as I say,
not as I do" when states with high divorce rates try
to "protect traditional marriage" by banning it for
gays, while gay-friendly Massachusetts has the lowest
divorce rate in the country. People who cannot stop
their own lives from unraveling will often try to
control others instead.


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