[Paleopsych] Jaak--is the lab an antique tool?

Pavel Kurakin pkurakin at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 7 07:51:17 UTC 2004

Hi all.
Let me inform you that Russian mathematician Vyacheslav I. Aldoniasov is on the way in modelling of twins crash at 11\09\2001. I don't possess all the information on his results, but I only know he argues that twins could NOT burn and crash due to aicraft hits. 

HowlBloom at aol.com wrote:
But, Jaak, the lab is not the solution, it's the problem.  The lab is too limited to catch most of what human behavior is about.  It is too limited to catch the mas passions that make a Hitler, an Osama Bin Laden, a Beethoven, a Shakespeare, a Winston Churchill, or an FDR.  It is too limited to assess whether the CIA and the Mossad destroyed the world trade center or whether al qaeda did it.  If al qaida was the culprit, the lab is too limited to tell us what to do next--what to do to defend our civilization from collapse.

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