[Paleopsych] NYT: (Samuelson) An Elder Challenges Outsourcing' s Orthodoxy

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The latest in remote control

After the call-centre, now the IT department is off to India

IN A shiny new building in the drab construction site that is Noida, a 
Delhi suburb, teams of young Indian engineers are, in a manner of speaking, 
managing the world. A number of America's best-known companies have 
entrusted the remote running of part of their global computing networks to 
HCL Comnet. This information-technology services firm is at the crest of 
what Gartner, a consultancy, has called "the next big wave" of Indian 
outsourcing deals, covering remote "infrastructure-management services".

India's outsourcing boom started with software development and has expanded 
into a whole range of business services that can be handled a continent 
away, of which the country's hundreds of call-centres are just the most 
prominent examples. This takes that trend one stage further, and shifts 
offshore much of the administration and maintenance of a firm's IT systems. 
Gartner's Partha Iyengar divides remote IMS work into three categories: 
monitoring global network operations; providing helpdesk support and 
maintenance; and administering databases.



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