[Paleopsych] Kerry and Armageddon

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 14 04:11:54 UTC 2004

Good point.  If not the step, one of the steps.

Walking our dog one day we came across
two girls who were running their VW on
bio-diesel.  In a pinch they could go into
any grocery store and buy some vegetable
oil, treat it, and go on.

Steve Hovland

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Why isn't biodiesel the preferred next step? Small diesel engines are 
all over Europe now, and biodiesel requires no new delivery technology. 
A crash program - driven by tax incentives, etc. - would bring about a 
greatly reduced dependence on fossil fuel. The biodiesel should not 
increase CO2, since it is from living plants already in the CO2 - O2 
loop. Government could mandate a switch to diesel in all new cars, 
unless they were hybrid. Eh?
Lynn Johnson

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