[Paleopsych] Re: Jaak--is the lab an antique tool?

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 15 05:28:20 UTC 2004

It seems to me that your work with rock musicians
had an aspect of replication.

Somehow you figured out that if you reached some
deeper level in these individuals, you would get a
superior musical output, which would show up in
concert attendance etc, which it did  :-)

It might not be possible to test some ideas on
really big groups of people, but perhaps you could
test up to concert hall size.

Well I take that back.  The big lie technique works,
and it has been done successfully on whole nations,
including our own.  The most recent example is
the connection of Iraq with 911.

Hitler did this very well, having a fairly precise and
repeatable speaking technique which could rouse crowds
to a fever pitch.  Look at the tapes of the Nuremberg
festivals to see this on a massive scale.

Maybe you could get a crowd together, wire them up
with individual micro EEG machines, or examine them with
a SQUID, and see patterns of coherence or chaos
depending on their reaction.

A casual observer would note that a crowd at a movie
or concert achieves a level of coherence soon after
the performance starts.  How to measure is the problem.

Steve Hovland

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