[Paleopsych] domino theory

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 02:12:44 UTC 2004

I'm not sure I agree that the US has an obligation to
be at the top of the global pecking order, and I'm
even less sure that the US can do that regardless of
whether it would make the world safer. We're
economically linked to everything else, we cannot
control the spread of nuclear weapons by ourselves,
and we can't change our minds if we decide to grab
control and instead inspire everyone else to grab for
control. We could be setting an example by leadership,
saying in effect "Everybody grab as many nukes as you
can and impose your will on anyone who doesn't have

In that event, Bin Laden would have won, not by
defeating the US but by inducing it to make
unnecessary displays of dominance, triggering a
cascade of similar behavior by other nations. Wars
fought on theory don't have a good record of success,
and when there's chaos, anyone on the bottom has
nothing to lose and everything to gain by going to

In order to fight terrorism the US doesn't have to
rule the world, it only has to set an example that can
be replicated by other nations, forming a net.  Trying
to be the alpha male tends to get one hurt, in
individuals as in nations. People follow the leader,
they do not cower in fear indefinitely, and if the US
sets the wrong tone, we won't be on top, we'll be
somewhere in the middle watching everyone clumsily and
destructively imitate our attitude. 


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