[Paleopsych] Wind Power Falls Under $0.01/kwh

Werbos, Dr. Paul J. paul.werbos at verizon.net
Fri Sep 17 22:27:58 UTC 2004

At 01:28 PM 9/17/2004 -0700, Steve wrote:
>Power companies may decide to stop
>building coal- and gas-fired plants in
>favor of buying windmills.

It's a supply curve for the intermittent power which comes from wind.

How much of it is truly 1 cent per kwh when delivered to grid and aligned 
to fit the grid?

Don't know ... but I haven't heard of anyone serious who thinks wind could 
more than about 10-15% of world's electricity needs (let alone total energy 
at a price people could tolerate. That's a big market and large enough to
justify our taking great care to get the most we can from that resource. 
Lots of new
actions can be justified. But it won't put us on a solid foundation. For 
that, we need to work
much harder on stuff that takes a bit more effort.

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