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Imperfect Conceptions

    Imperfect Conceptions
    by [37]Frank Dikotter "The People's Republic of China passed a law in
    1995 aimed at restricting births deemed to be imperfect..."

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    From Book News, Inc.
    In 1995, the People's Republic of China passed a controversial
    Eugenics Law, stressing prevention of "inferior births." Using this
    statute as a springboard, the author explores the contexts and history
    of eugenics in Communist and Republican China. He shows how Western
    eugenics was imported and combined with existing fears of cultural and
    biological degeneration in Chinese society, and demonstrates how
    Chinese assumptions about the relationship of the individual to
    society form the core of their attitudes to procreation.

    Product Description:
    In 1995 the People´s Republic of China passed a controversial Eugenics
    Law, which, after a torrent of international criticism, was
    euphemistically renamed the Maternal and Infant Health Law. Aimed at
    "the implementation of premarital medical checkups" to ensure that
    neither partner has any hereditary, venereal, reproductive, or mental
    disorders, the ordinance implies that those deemed "unsuitable for
    reproduction" should undergo sterilization or abortion or remain
    celibate in order to prevent "inferior births." Using this recent
    statute as a springboard, Frank Dikötter explores the contexts and
    history of eugenics in both Communist China and Taiwan. Dikötter shows
    how beginning in Late Imperial China, Western eugenics was imported
    and combined with existing fears of cultural, racial, or biological
    degeneration in Chinese society, leading to government regulation of
    sexual reproduction. is a revealing look at the cultural history of
    medical explanations of birth defects that demonstrates how Chinese
    assumptions about the relationship of the individual to society form
    the very core of their attitudes toward procreation. Dikötter explains
    the patrilineal model of descent, where a person is viewed as the
    culmination of his or her ancestors and is held responsible for the
    health of all future generations. By this logic, a pregnant woman´s
    behavior and attitude directly influence the well-being of her baby,
    and a deformed or retarded child reflects a moral failing on the part
    of the parents. Dikötter also shows how the holistic medicine
    practiced in China blurs any distinction between individual and
    environment so that people are held responsible for illness. Drawing
    on cultural, social, economic, and political approaches, Dikötter goes
    beyond a simple authoritarian model to provide a more complex view of
    eugenic policy, showing how a variety of voices including those of
    popular journalists, social reformers, medical writers, sex educators,
    university professors, and politicians all disseminate information
    that supports rather than questions the state´s program. reveals how
    Chinese cultural currents -fear and fascination with the deviant and
    the urge to draw clear boundaries between the normal and the abnormal
    -have combined with medical discourse to form a program of eugenics
    that is viewed with alarm by the rest of the world.

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      * Hardcover: 226 pages
      * Publisher: Columbia University Press (November 15, 1998)
      * ISBN: 0231113706
      * Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.7 x 0.7 inches
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    This book cites 1 book:
      * [66]The Cambridge History of China: Volume 14, The People's
        Republic, Part 1, The Emergence of Revolutionary China, 1949-1965
        (The Cambridge History of China) by Roderick MacFarquhar on
        [67]page 121

    Customer Reviews

    6 of 11 people found the following review helpful:
    [stars-4-0.gif] A look at China's eugenics., January 19, 2001
    Reviewer: [69]Matt Nuenke http://eugenics.home.att.net (Chicago,
    Illinois United States) - [70]See all my reviews
    This short but fascinating book looks at eugenic programs in China,
    both past and present. China, with its one-child policy is in the
    perfect position to start a genetic war with other nations to breed a
    superior race. That is, the state has already taken control of all
    reproductive rights, and with the recent eugenics laws past in 1995
    for the collective improvement of the quality of the 'yellow race',
    they could be destined to surpass other nations in the quality of
    their people --- that is the average intelligence in China will
    surpass all other races except the Jewish race (with and average IQ of
    117 due to their own form of eugenics practiced over the last 2000
    years as part of the Jewish religion).

    Few voices in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) question eugenic
    practices. Historically they have always understood the need for
    racial hygiene, and more so than in the West they shun deformations or
    inferior offspring. And with a centralized government, with its
    support of its eugenic programs, the few voices who believe in the
    sanctity of life over the betterment of the race can be suppressed,
    not unlike the reverse in the United States where concerns for
    dysgenic trends by the underclass are ignored or suppressed. In the
    United States, we propagandize and redistribute wealth to the
    underclass under the pseudoscientific claims of radical
    environmentalism as promoted by Gould et al. and now proclaimed by
    President Clinton. "Anyone can rise to be anything they want to be
    with enough will and determination!" Bunk! Nations rise and fall on
    their genetic quality, typically their average intelligence.

    The Chinese firmly believe that there will be biological competition
    between the 'white race' and the 'yellow race' and they are moving
    forward to win. They want to develop the 'model race' and in fact are
    in a unique position to win. They already control reproduction; all
    they have to do is continue to suppress the births of low
    intelligent/genetically defective couples while encouraging multiple
    births by 'gifted couples.' They can discourage some marriages, use
    forced sterilizations, while providing incentives to others. They have
    complete freedom to promote and national eugenics program without
    criticism from the press or independent voices if they so choose.

    Even minor defects like harelip are aborted. In a country with poor
    medical care, the costs to correct the condition are greater than the
    worth of the child. It is more cost effective to just have another
    child. Euthanasia and infanticide are openly discussed condoned from
    strong voices in the government for the benefit of the nation. The
    health of the race supercedes any moral questions with regards to
    'zero worth' individuals.

    This book goes a long way in showing that eugenics as viewed in the
    West is radically different than in Asia. With a more collectivist
    perspective, individuals are willing to make sacrifices now for the
    benefit of the nation later -- that is an investment in the genetic
    capital of the people. We are getting a peak at the future eugenic
    wars that will be an integral part of competition between nations in
    the decades to come. Will the West join third world status as Asian
    nations actively embrace eugenic programs?


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