[Paleopsych] Re: From Eshel--A Glitch in Genetic-centrism

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 3 11:05:40 UTC 2005

Perhaps genes are not the ultimate control unit of life.

Perhaps there is something smaller or more etheric.

Perhaps something more like thought controls genes.

Steve Hovland

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Are there any notes or references available on-line relating the 
decision-making of quantum particles to the decision-making of bees (or 
other mind-body entities)? My own interest is in the commonality that links 
the decision-making across different organisms/entities, and I wrap it up 
in the notion of bodies-as-tools. If you were a quantum particle, your 
particle-body predisposes you to making and habituating different types of 
choices to what you would otherwise make/habituate if had the mind-body of 
a bee, or, of course, a human - more interestingly, in my most recent work 
that I've submitted to a journal, the mind-body of a man or the mind-body 
of a woman.

BTW - I agree with Pavel's concept of involving the whole cosmos, to 
incorporate quantum principles relating to non-locality. Are we on the same 
page? Outrageously improbable forms (eg., where intelligent design theory 
is invoked to explain the unexplainable) can be more realistically 
accounted for when your option-space is infinite.


At 11:39 AM 4/3/05, HowlBloom at aol.com wrote:
>By the way, Pavel Kurakin suggests that a similar hierarchical summation 
>of the entire cosmos gets fed into the "decision" of a single quantum 
>particle when it "picks" which receptor device it should move to.  Or at 
>least Pavel suggests this in the interpretation of his work I've been 
>trying to smuggle into a paper he and I are working on that compares the 
>decision-making of quantum particles to the decision-making of bees.


There can be no complexity without simplicity:
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